Raymond Jourdain

Capt. Raymond Jourdain

Fully licensed Class “A” pilot (Laurentian Pilotage Authority). Master in command for 9 years on General cargo vessels. Ice advising in the Gulf St. Lawrence and Arctic since 1984. Averaging 65 days per year on bulk carriers, tankers and cruise ship of all sizes. Accredited polar ice navigator.

Pierre Jourdain

Capt. Pierre Jourdain

More than 40 yrs of experiences in Ice infested Waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Canadian Arctic, including Hudson Bay, James Bay,  Baffin Island Coast ,Labrador Coast, the NWPassage and Greenland waters. Ice Pilot on all types of vessels including cruise ships. Accredited polar ice navigator.

Sylvain Desgagnés

Capt. Sylvain Desgagnés

Accredited polar ice navigator.

MT Baltic Commander's frozen Anchors

Capt. Christian Saint-Arnaud


MT Baltic Commander's frozen Anchors

Capt. Denis Otis


Denis Bélanger

Capt. Denis Belanger

Master Mariner. Master in command for 3 years on cargo vessels. Experienced in ice infested waters in the Arctic and gulf of St-Lawrence. Joined the ice advising team in January 2017.

Sylvain Bertrand

Capt. Sylvain Bertrand

Master on Canadian Coast Guard Icebreakers until 2013 working in the Gulf & River Of St Lawrence and Arctic. Since 2014 Ice pilot in the Gulf St Lawrence and Arctic on Cruise Ships, cargo vessels and tankers of all sizes. He on occasion will take commands of an Icebreaker. Accredited polar ice navigator.